5 Most Amazing Activities in Montreal That Don’t Involve Drinking

What if I told you that you could go out to places other than a bar or a club in Montreal and still have fun? It sounds crazy, I know. I put together 5 most amazing activities I could think of. There’s more to life than just getting smashed and I’ll prove it to you below. They’re not in any particular order, but they’re numbered 1 through 5 as usual. Organization!

1. Maeva Surf


Maeva Surf has an indoor endless wave that you can hit to learn how to surf! I’m obsessed with surfing and surfers in particular, so I’m actually quite excited about Maeva Surf. They give classes to children, adults, I think even groups of friends. Whenyou finally hit your first real wave, you won’t look like a loser thanks to this lovely establishment. It’s such a hot sport for both men and women! You run around half nakedall day with a tight body, cause this thing keeps you in shape. So awesome! Sign me up! Check out their website.

2. Ateliers et Saveurs Cooking Class


Get a cool group of friends and head to Ateliers et Saveurs cooking class. They teach you how to make a sick meal, you get to cooking right away AND wine is involved in the process. Once you’re done, you get to sit down at a table and have dinner or whatever meal you were cooking. Take your date there! It’s like a DIY dinner date.Could be fun! Find their website here.

3. A/Maze


Prepare to be A/Mazed! When I first heard about this concept, I was mind blown. So freaking cool! Ok, so it’s a real-life quest game. You get locked in a warehouse with your friends and you have to find a way out of it using clues, keys, puzzles, etc. Literally a real-life computer game. There are different scenarios you can choose from. One game lasts 45 minutes. If you weren’t able to complete yourmission, you can ask for another 45 minutes. I can’t even describe how excited I am with this. Check out their website.

4. Sky Venture Montreal


Sky Venture is a free fall simulator. It allows you to experience skydiving without actually jumping out of a plane with a parachute. Skydivers use it for practice, but you can also use it for fun! It’s a 14-foot diameter cylindrical flight chamber. You get to fly like a bird and who wouldn’t like to fly? I know I would. They teach you the right techniques, it’s safe and overall super fun. Check Sky Venture out here.

5. VIP Cinema in Dix30


A VIP Cinema is great for a lot of reasons. You get to sit in comfy chairs, you can order booze and actual food and the place itself looks legit. They have a bar and lounge area you can chill at before or after the movie. It’s a whole movie-watching experience, it’s no longer just about the movie. I like it, maybe you will to. For more photos and menus, etc. click here.

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