This Montreal Restaurant Started The Next Big Breakfast Trend

Breakfast lovers, rejoice! This Montreal restaurant serves the most satisfying breakfast in town.

The Most Difficult Part About My New Life In Thailand

Thailand is amazing on so many levels. Exotic fruits, beautiful beaches, sunny weather, friendly people… there’s only one thing that makes it hard for me to fully relax in this paradise. 

Coming Clean About My Plastic Surgeries

A bunch of girls have messaged me asking where I got my lips and/or nose done, so I figured that it was time to openly talk about my face today. 

Why Donald Trump Is The Best Thing That’s Happened To This World

Seeing most my Facebook friends so involved with American politics even though 99% of them are Canadian, Russian and god knows what else, is just so funny and ridiculous all at the same time.

This Is Where Montreal’s Hottest Girls Partied On Halloween

This year was the very first year, in I don’t know how long, that I didn’t dress up/celebrate Halloween. I’m still in Thailand, and, you may or may not know that this country has been hit with a big tragedy last month that I wouldn’t want to explain in this article out of respect for what has […]

This Montreal Company Made My New Life Possible

By this time, I’m certain that you’re aware of my current geolocation – I’m in Phuket, Thailand (watch my video if you have no idea why I moved here). It’s so unreal! My life is a movie, I swear. My move to the other side of the world wasn’t planned at all. I presently own a total […]